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struggling economy. >> plus, voter id. there is another showdown, this one in texas. that's where eric holder's justice department is suing the lone star state again. next, the texas attorney general will respond and guess what. north carolina could be next. >>> checking some of your headlines right now, a senior white house official is saying there is, quote, very little doubt chemical weapons were used by the assad regime against civilians in syria. that coming as the administration weighs a potential military response. meanwhile, firecrews are rushing to save two groves of giant redwood trees from a giant wildfire in yosemite national park, clearing away dried brush and setting sprinklers. and police in florida trying to determine what lead a 72-year-old trucking employee to go on a shooting spree killing two men and injuring two others before turning the gun on himself. >>> from the unrest in egypt to more bombings in iraq and lebenon and the chemical weapon usa tack in syria that will now be investigated by the united nations. a lot of breaking developments in the mideast this morning. a
in the south. from texas up to maryland, we can use the public toilet. my high school class couldn't take picture on the capitol lawn of south carolina. we were away then from the american promise. >> reporter: it might have been given those circumstances, it might have been understandable if martin luther king preached retribution. but he did not do that. some members of the civil rights movement then criticized him for it. malcolm x refused to come to the march on washington. he called it the farce on washington. king, as we all know now was all about nonviolence. listen up. >> one of the things that my father was really trying to say not just 50 years ago but 50 years ago, 49, 48, 47, all the way, 45 when he was as isnated, he was really speaking to us about our humanity. and understanding our interconnectedness and interrelatedness. that is why he talked about sitting down at the table of brotherhood. in other words, us understanding that we are one huge human family. yes, there are a lot of different races but we are a human family. that is why he talked about not judging by the colo
military response. we have the very latest. plus, don't mess with texas. despite a new lawsuit, senator john cornyn says they are way out of line when it comes to the state's new voter id law. he joins us live. and a rising baseball star and world war ii veteran killed and in each case the suspects are black teenagers. how the case has been playing in the mainstream media. and the running of the bulls right here in the u.s. i'm shannon bream. we start right now. amid the administration's growing belief that the syrian government has used chemical weapons against civilians, president obama has asked the department of defense to prepare a variety of military options in response to the situation in syria. at least two senators are also calling for military action. elizabeth prann is following the latest on that. >> hi, shan n no. president obama and the international community has said the damage has been done. this as they agreed to allow inspectors to the outskirts of the city of damascus where the alleged chemical weapons were deployed. a senior u.s. official says it leads to a lack of
. texas is a lot different in make up than new jersey. in new jersey democratic registration far outnumbers republican. the fact that he's doing so well as a soon-to-be governor up for reelection proves he is able in an area now in our country where we're seeking bi-partisanship, he's been able to do it with a record of having a senate and an assembly of democratic leadership as governor. he's been able to lead democrats as well, so this is a strength of chris christie's, not a weakness. > weakness. >> eric: speaking of democrats, hillary clinton. what do you prognosticate a chris christie-hilllhillary clin battle will be like. >> that will not come to fruition because the country is clintoned out. you had a community organizer come out of nowhere and take her in the democratic primary. i think she's much weaker in 2016 than she was in 2008. >> eric: what, joe biden? >> i would pray if joe biden as a republican is their nominee. i don't see joe biden being in contention at all. i think there are other democrats that have yet even to be talked about that like barack obama could sp
30 in fort hood, texas. dozens of witnesses say hassan is the shooter. death penalty cases are rare. in fact no active duty soldier has been executed since 1961. a jury of 13 army officers will have to unanimously convicted him but even then, 11 of the last death sentences handed down by military juries in the last 30 years have been overturned. hassan will be developing himself. he said he committed the mass shooting in defense of taliban terrorists but they characterize as workplace violence. as a result victims of the rampage can not be awarded federal benefits nor can victims receive combatant status. one was shot six times at fort hood. >> i think the act of the government is trying to downplay this all along. hassan has openly admitting makes me angry and makes me guess dusted. >> even if he is convicted, there are likely years if not decades of appeals ahead. >> gregg: thanks very much. we do want to take a moment to remember the 13 men and women who lost their lives that terrible day at fort hood. we actually officiallyers first heard two days, saturday november 7th, 2009. f
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of an engine fire. a homeowner in texas is thank. for her not so scary guard dog today. the lap dogs scared away a gun-toting burglar. the would-be robber kicks the gate if her house and ran away when the dogs went after them they chased the suspect down the street. they bite is worse than their bark. those are the top stories right now. >>> the obama administration has bet and lost heavily on greed energy. think of solyndra for example. that has not stopped it from pushing on to ways that some evade congressional oversight. >> for the first time, the solar panels are going up on the roof of the white house. part of a mandate as part of renewables for the government. and symbolic gesture that the president is plowing ahead with the green energy agenda. >> he said he wasn't going to wait for congress. he had administrative authority and time to utilize those more effectively in a more concerted way. >> the obama administration is being strategically brilliant by doing this behind the scenes. they are going to achieve everything that the u.n. treaty, cap and trade and carbon taxes could have
jackson. elderly man i spoke to today from houston, texas, who described to me as a little boy, he had to eat in the back of restaurants, not in the front where the white people ate. when he went to movies he had to take the fire escape the balcony, not where the white people watched the movie from. i asked him, what if you violated those kinds of rules? here he is. >> heaven knows. heaven knows. so i was fort mat to go through that because i was a little boy. i never forgot what i went through. i knew not to violate the rules. colored and white thing, it impacted my mind 37. i will never forget that. >> reporter: those days are long gone, thank goodness. i think the reverend dr. martin luther king would be dismayed that black unemployment rate in america today rivals of the day he spoke here. that black on black crime continues to ravage america's inner cities and the pattern of fatherlessness and single parent families which was just beginning to be understood in 1963 has now spread across the culture and indeed across the western world. on a pile moat i do see, it is heartening and
found him guilty of the murders of 13 people at ft. hood, texas, nearly four years ago. but as heinous as his crimes are, death sentences are pretty rare in the u.s. military, if he gets the ultimate sentence, he would join only five other soldiers on death row, some who have been on death row for many, many years. and, no american soldier has been executed since 1961. hard to believe. >>> mercedes joins us, fox news legal analyst and richard st. paul and also former member of the u.s. army jag unit. the judge edadvocate. prosecutors on monday are going to call 19 witnesses and family members of those who died, who were murdered. it appears, though, they are trying to prove one of the aggravating factors, which would seem self-evident. they have to prove one of the two. multiple victims, more than one. 13 here, not to mention all those injured. and the killing of a military officer or law enforcement official here. i mean, the aggravating factor should be a slam dunk, shouldn't they? >> without a doubt. also with aggravating you have mitigating factors. the aggravating factors goes int
to use force. he is not alone. the texas senator is not alone in that statement. what is the white house thinking on that? and the briefing schedule and possibility of calling congress back? doesn't seem like -- >> you are right. they are thinking inside the when i talked to senior officials, they say they are con suggesting congress but they are not getting congress' approval. that's a big different frens what the president said he would do when he was a candidate in 2007-2008. let's remember the vice president joe biden, running for president, and in 2007 he was at a new hampshire campaign event where he said as senate foreign relations committee chairman at the time, then president bush moved forward with an attack on iran, try to prevent them from getting nuclear weapons and did without congressional approval, joe biden said he would personally lead impeachment charges against then president bush. we see a much different situation going on now. where they are moving forward without congressional approval. you are right. there is pressure. it is not just john cornyn who is significant
. lawmakers are home for august break where they can expect plenty of questions about it. here is texas congressman on the sunday talk shows this morning. >> as far as obamacare, when the president himself says it's not ready so i'm giving this break to all big business, what about the poor guy out there making $14,000? >> joining us is form spokesman for jeb bush. thank you for joining us. i want to begin with actually -- we're going to pause here. come back to you. right now a fox news alert. we are taking you to idaho where a news conference is set to begin on the dramatic rescue of 16-year-old hannah anderson. she is safe and sound at this hour. she was abducted following a nationwide amber alert. a lot of people were involved in successful rescue mission. let's listen in. >> their tips to law enforcement when they got home and heard that amber alert. we knew where to look. they are here what that was and ask you to come forward. >> i'm mark john, former sheriff, retired army officer, army rangers. this is my wife krista, been we w me 52 years, 54 years. we're hacking in there. >> y
. >> peter, thanks very much. peter doocy in washington. >>> texas senator ted cruz saying now is the time for the gop to stand up and defund obama care. he admits he currently doesn't have the votes to make that happen in the senate. but he says that he could get them if republicans take a stand and swing public opinion to their side. and he revealed how he would initiate that debate. >> here's what i think should happen. the house of representatives should pass a continuing resolution that funds the federal government in its entirety, every aspect of the federal government, except obama care. and it should explicitly prohibit any funding for obama care, mandatory or discretionary. and i filed legislative language in the senate to do that. >> the gop largely splits on how to take on obama care. is cruz's approach the way to go? let's debate this. mercedes, former spokesperson for george w. bush and david mercer, finance director for the dnc. thank you both for joining us. >> thank you, heather. >> pleasure to be here. >> senator cruz would need 41 senators or 218 representatives to get be
this in other states, kind of following what we did here in texas. you have seen it recently in georgia and ohio and south carolina. where efforts have been made to both reduce prison costs as well as improve super vision of people when they get out of prison or diverting nonviolent offenders before they get to prison and try to help them, prevent them from reoffending. >> chuck, you mentioned things like job training and rehabilitation. you know, at first blush, those sound like something that can cost money, so how do you balance that with also cutting funds and maybe cutting the fat in some programs. >> well, that's a great question. first of all, as conservatives, we have to be skeptical of government and all of its forms. and unfortunately, for far too long, conservatives have given the prison system and justice system kind of a bye. when you send people to prison, that is the most costly thing to do. if you can divert some people to treatment or to other programs to encourage them from reengaging with a life on crime, what you find is that those programs are actually less expensive per pri
for the president's healthcare law. but it's clear. not all republicans feel the same way. joining us now texas congressman steve stockman, thank you for your time today, sir. >> thank you for having me on. >> all right. let me ask you, it's august recess, have you been having town hall meetings? what are you hearing here at home? >> yes, we have had several town hall meetings and they want us to hold the line against obama care. this president, we currently have is running around the country disavowing and asking republicans to fix the bill that he wrote. and it's a little ironic that we are getting the blame for something that no republican that i know of voted for. >> shannon: to be clear, what we are talking about is there is going to be a need to vote for government funding or the government will shut down. >> what some g.o.p. lawmakers are propose something tieing a vote on that to also making sure it is not -- it doesn't contain any funds for the president's healthcare law. as you know, there are those within your own party and certainly those across the aisle who say it's going to look
. there was not a black elected official nor juror across the whole south. from texas across up to maryland, we couldn't use a single public toilet. my high school class could not take pictures on the state capitol of south carolina. black soldier high school to sit behind lots of prisoners of war on american military bases. that's why he made the case. mr. lincoln, you made the promise. congress, you made it. we have come to that ex tents. when louisiana plays the big game, we're choosing my complexion. the second part of the dream was of a bill to make that kind of behavior legal, the civil rights act. then the dream was the right to vote. 18-year-olds would not vote. you couldn't vote on campus. you couldn't vote bilingually. we went to open housing and fair housing. that was another part. last dream really was about the issue of poverty. too much poverty at home and too much war abroad. that remains unfinished business today in a nation so blessed with so few and such abundance, too much poverty. >> he would at this point in time be 84 years of age and if he looked out across the landscape of amer
congress canada bait military action in syria. and some like texas republican ?ot ted cruise says it is about time and the president must make his case. >> i am troubled by the justifications the obama administration has put forth. in my view the force is justified only to protect the vital national security interest of the united states. bill nelson supports the president, but, quote, as far as i'm concerned we should strike in syria today. peter king blasted the idea for him to act. he is under minding the future presidents. the president does not need congress to authorize a strike on syria. the chair of the house subcommittee says the president's red line rhetoric means the u.s. must launch strikes. >> we set the standard now that the use of chemical weapons is unacceptable so you have to act when somebody uses them. >> they reiterated their call for a coalition saying, quote, it is important the president is speaking support and participation from other countries including arab countries. john mccain and lyndsay graham say they can in good conscience support military strikes
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)